In 1997 I graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts, fine arts: painting. After graduating I learned about new media and I've since been working as a graphic- and web-designer. A couple of years ago my main focus swifted from designing back to painting.

Since I've discovered egg tempera, I haven't used any other medium. I fell in love with the bright colours, the matt finish and the tender appearance of the paintings. A few years ago I got a copy of il libro dellárte, an old manual made by Cennino Cennini. Based on the steps in this book I've studied the painting techniques of old masters like Sandro Botticelli and Filippo Lippi. I'm using these old techniques mixed with a contemporary approach. I sometimes literally scratch the surface for instance. 

I love the process of layering paint, using the white of the gesso on some spots to get the most out of the translucent character of tempera. This layering of paint feels consistent with the theme I'm working on. I'm interested in people and their true emotions and feelings. In every day contact we often show a made up appearance, like a mask. The women I've painted in my last series seem to have put down their masks and give a peek behind the surface. Like they miss a top-layer.